Special Elective Registration

Special Elective Registration

What is a Special Elective ?
Special electives give students the opportunity to explore career choices or to fill in gaps in their schedules.

Special Electives Categories
Students may have particular clinical interests that are not met by the Einstein-sponsored or away clinical electives. In those instances, students can design a clinical elective to meet those needs within the Einstein system.
Students may conduct research in a chosen discipline with a research mentor.
A focused reading in an area of scholarly interest. 8 weeks is the maximum time allowed.
Students may elect time to work on the Scholarly Project graduation requirement. 8 weeks is the maximum time allowed.

Registration Process:

All Special Electives must be four weeks in duration and can be split to fill in dates around external electives. Special Electives less than four weeks must be approved by the Deans for Students. To register for ISP, research, reading electives, and/or other scholarly/clinical activities, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Special Elective Form​
  2. An abstract of 100-200 words describing the project you will be working on, how you plan on using your time, the frequency with which you will be meeting/observed by your faculty preceptor, and list three learning objectives.
  3. ​Special Elective Form signed by an Einstein faculty member.

Elective Summary (Reading Electives Only):
Students completing a reading elective must submit a summary of the project related to the topic and must be reviewed by the Faculty Mentor. A final summarization of the project must be uploaded to the designed area on ​Canvas​.

Guidelines for Submitting Reading Elective Summary on Canvas:
  • In Canvas, go to Courses and select “Reading Elective”​
  • To upload a file, please go to "Assignments" (see left hand options))
  • From the top right corner select “SHOW BY TYPE”, do not select “show by date”​
  • Go into the "Assignment" called "Reading Electives 2024-2025"
  • To upload the file, click on Submit Assignment
  • If you need assistance uploading your summary, please contact the Office of Educational Informatics at oei@einsteinmed.edu.

  • Registration for an ISP elective is not allowed during the last rotation of the academic year, the deadline for submission for the Scholarly Paper is May 1 (subject to change). Students Participating in the 5 Month Research Fellowship cannot use ISP.


    You will need to ensure that the ​Reading and Research Electives Evaluation Form​ is returned to the Office of the Registrar no more than 4 weeks from the completion of reading and research electives. An evaluation is not required for ISP and Research Fellowship electives. ​ Students automatically receive a grade of Credit (CR) for​ ISP electives and Research Fellowship electives.